Larry is REAL



Brad Pitt in 1994

I lose my shit every time I see this photoset.

this is not ok

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Anonymous asked: Louis says "and I can't compete with MY BOYFRIEND…" why is this relationship even a question anymore?!


let the record show that harry (clear as day) told everyone that louis owns his penis. he even grabbed crotch to be sure you make no mistake. 

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23.7.14 Jay #1

#I can picture Ben Winston trying so hard to try and get Harry to be rough with Louis#’Harry just mess with him yeah’ #”Ruffle his shirt and just truly piss him off to show that you don’t like this guy’ #Harry: *delicately unfolds Louis’ collar* #Ben: ‘No Harry like really rile him up he’s not made of porcelain!!’ #Harry:……..*delicately unfolds Louis’ collar with two hands* #Ben: ‘I give up’ (x)